Family Meal

If you’ve tried coming by the restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon lately, you may have been unpleasantly surprised to find us closed for something we’ve been calling “Family Meal.” We’re spending a little time every week gathering together as a team to study and talk about the food system and Egg’s place in it. We’re clarifying our sense of mission and deepening our understanding of what food can do in a culture. Our first month of Family Meals has focused on the ideas that animated Egg from the beginning—the writings and lives of people like Edna Lewis, Wendell Berry, and Eliot Coleman, Alice Waters, and Michael Pollan. We watched the food-movement classic Food, Inc one week and talked about the importance of transparency and seed sovereignty; another week we spent discussing Wendell Berry’s classic essay “The Pleasures of Eating.” 

When you’ve spent a long time in the middle of a movement, as we have, it can be easy to forget the electric charge that comes from first encountering the ideas of someone like Wendell Berry or the writing of Edna Lewis. It’s been exciting to see the greener members of our team light up when we have these conversations, to hear their ideas about how we should adapt our work to fit a changed world. 

We’re hopeful that the time we spend having these conversations will make the time we spend cooking and serving food more meaningful–not only for us, but for you as well. 


Great Books

Tables of Contents Returns!

Tables of Contents: Victor Lavalle, Sarah Gerard, Adam GopnikIt’s been a bit since our last Tables of Contents reading–the events we host at which great writers read from their work and we make food inspired by their readings. We’re excited to announce that our next reading will be July 10 with an amazing line-up: Victor Lavalle (The Changeling, Slapboxing with Jesus, etc.); the New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik (At the Strangers’ Gate, Paris to the Moon); and Sarah Gerard (Sunshine State, Binary Star).

As ever the snacks will be free and beer & wine will be available for purchase. We expect this reading to fill up–please reserve your spot with a free ticket.


Meat and Greet

When you work in a restaurant you can’t help but see the consequences of your actions–they arrive quickly and vividly, whether it’s the happy result of seeing a customer take pleasure in something you just made or, less pleasant, grabbing a scorching pan handle without a towel and watching the blisters rise while you try to cook the rest of service with one good hand.

We get to see the consequences of our other decisions, too–when we buy food from a local farmer instead of a distant agribusiness we get to see the farm work better, see some local farmland get a longer lease on life, see our region function more wholly and with better options for everyone in the community.

We’ve always said if we couldn’t run a restaurant in line with our values we wouldn’t run a restaurant at all. We value sharing information, protecting the planet, strengthening local communities and economies, and of course sharing delicious food. It’s such a deep pleasure to be able to sit around a table with similarly committed chefs and food industry folks to talk about how we can do better at living out those values. Last night we sat down with folks from Glynwood, Green Table, Upland, Sunday in Brooklyn, Harvest & Revel, Franny’s, Chumley’s, and Metta to talk about how to support small farmers raising animals in the Hudson Valley and how the choices we make in how we buy and serve meat improve or restrict the lives of those farmers. Little by little, meal by meal, toward a better, fairer, more delicious food system for all

Tepuy + Egg: Supporting Venezuela’s Schoolchildren

We’re very excited to be partnering with Chef Adriana Urbina to host her Venezuelan pop-up Tepuy. In addition to enjoying a 7-course BYOB tasting menu, you’ll help support Comparte por Una Vida, a Venezuela-based non-profit that helps people in need of food and medicine. Each Tepuy dinner supports a child, providing one month of school meals.

Adriana is a Venezuelan chef who has trained in some of the best kitchens in the world–Alain Ducasse, Martín Berasategui, Mugaritz, Rougue Tomate, and Atera among others . Most recently she was the winner of the Food network’s Competition “Chopped.” Read her moving interview about her career and her passions on the Huffington Post: