We’ve served coffee in French Presses since the first day Egg opened, but when we added a Fetco Batch brewer a couple of years ago to allow for unlimited refills, we started using our French Presses to feature the coffee of small local roasters who have a special bean or blend to share. To date we’ve featured coffees from 9th St. Espresso, City of Saints, and Parlor—this month we’re turning to old friends and neighborhood stalwarts Oslo Coffee.

The beans of theirs we’re featuring are from Chiriqui province in Panama. They’re grown on the Hartmann family farm, which has raised coffee beans for a century high up on the side of Baru volcano. They’re committed to preserving their land’s wild forests and established a bird sanctuary there to provide homes for hundreds of species of tropical birds.

Come give it a try soon—we’ll be pouring this coffee in French Presses all month (our stalwart Brooklyn Roasting Company remains on drip).