Happy New Year!

2017 was an exciting one at Egg—we opened an outpost in Tokyo (!) and got Goatfell, our little farm in the Catskills, back in action for the best season of growing we’ve ever had. We rallied together with you to raise thousands of dollars for hurricane victims in Houston, Miami, and Puerto Rico. We launched breakfast and lunch delivery with Caviar. We hosted our best-yet season of Tables of Contents readings—featuring Tea Obreht, Alexander Chee, Victor Lavalle, Sarah Gerard, and many other exciting, inspiring writers. We continued to work with a collection of partners and farms that remind us why working with food is so exciting, important, and enjoyable.

Tomorrow we’ll kick off the new year as we always do—helping to steady your ship for clear sailing with a hearty meal of Hoppin’ John and Greens, a traditional southern New Year’s dish that practically guarantees you’ll have better luck and more money in 2018. You’ll certainly be starting it off on the best possible tack.

We’ll open at 8 on New Year’s Day. Hope to see you then, and many more times besides. Thanks for sticking with us through another year of great breakfasts (and lunches) in Brooklyn!


Some images from our year:

Family Meal

If you’ve tried coming by the restaurant on a Tuesday afternoon lately, you may have been unpleasantly surprised to find us closed for something we’ve been calling “Family Meal.” We’re spending a little time every week gathering together as a team to study and talk about the food system and Egg’s place in it. We’re clarifying our sense of mission and deepening our understanding of what food can do in a culture. Our first month of Family Meals has focused on the ideas that animated Egg from the beginning—the writings and lives of people like Edna Lewis, Wendell Berry, and Eliot Coleman, Alice Waters, and Michael Pollan. We watched the food-movement classic Food, Inc one week and talked about the importance of transparency and seed sovereignty; another week we spent discussing Wendell Berry’s classic essay “The Pleasures of Eating.” 

When you’ve spent a long time in the middle of a movement, as we have, it can be easy to forget the electric charge that comes from first encountering the ideas of someone like Wendell Berry or the writing of Edna Lewis. It’s been exciting to see the greener members of our team light up when we have these conversations, to hear their ideas about how we should adapt our work to fit a changed world. 

We’re hopeful that the time we spend having these conversations will make the time we spend cooking and serving food more meaningful–not only for us, but for you as well. 


Great Books

Tables of Contents: Kaitlyn Greenidge and Belinda McKeon

We were honored to host novelists Kaitlyn Greenidge (We Love You Charlie Freeman) and Belinda McKeon (Tender) for the August installment of our Tables of Contents Reading Series. Our chef Evan Hanczor took cues from a passage in We Love You Charlie Freeman to make a simple beef tartare with green coriander seeds and served on a homemade potato chip, and from a passage in Tender to create bites of green pea sherbet topped with a buttered toast crumble. (more…)

Change is Brewing: New Coffee Program at Egg!

pouring over changes
We love you, French press, but you’re dripping all over our breakfast… 🙁

For 11 years, we’ve served coffee in exactly one way: the French press. We like the press because it’s simple, it makes good coffee, and it lets everyone who orders have some control over how strong her coffee is. Like it light? Plunge early. Prefer to be shot out of your seat by the strength of your morning brew? Let it steep!

But lately, as you may have noticed, our trusty French presses have changed–and they’re getting us down. They’ve been cracking the minute we pour hot water into them, making them leaky at best (see above!) and useless at worst. (more…)