When you work in a restaurant you can’t help but see the consequences of your actions–they arrive quickly and vividly, whether it’s the happy result of seeing a customer take pleasure in something you just made or, less pleasant, grabbing a scorching pan handle without a towel and watching the blisters rise while you try to cook the rest of service with one good hand.

We get to see the consequences of our other decisions, too–when we buy food from a local farmer instead of a distant agribusiness we get to see the farm work better, see some local farmland get a longer lease on life, see our region function more wholly and with better options for everyone in the community.

We’ve always said if we couldn’t run a restaurant in line with our values we wouldn’t run a restaurant at all. We value sharing information, protecting the planet, strengthening local communities and economies, and of course sharing delicious food. It’s such a deep pleasure to be able to sit around a table with similarly committed chefs and food industry folks to talk about how we can do better at living out those values. Last night we sat down with folks from Glynwood, Green Table, Upland, Sunday in Brooklyn, Harvest & Revel, Franny’s, Chumley’s, and Metta to talk about how to support small farmers raising animals in the Hudson Valley and how the choices we make in how we buy and serve meat improve or restrict the lives of those farmers. Little by little, meal by meal, toward a better, fairer, more delicious food system for all