Oxalis Pop-up Dinners at Egg

Oxalis Dinners

We’re excited to be hosting a pair of special dinners by chef Nico Russell and his team this July: trial runs for his soon-to-open restaurant, Oxalis, these showcase seasonal cooking at its most refined. Nico and his team, all alums of Restaurant Daniel, are presenting multi-course, prix fixe dinners, including beverages, for $85 a person (the dinners are sold in pairs, so get yourself a date for the evening!)

You can read more about what the dinners are like in this recent Brooklyn Magazine article. The dinners at Egg will be held on July 11th and July 25th. There’ll be 2 seatings a night, one at 6:00 and one at 8:30. Buy tickets in advance here.

Fireworking: Picnics for your 4th of July

Celebrate a hassle-free Independence Day with our 4th of July picnics: swing by on your way to the rooftop or park and pick up a basket full of dinner. Get fried chicken, pulled pork, or veggie packages for 4 that’ll make easy work of giving you the best food at the party. All come with a full complement of sides.

Check our special menu for the details. Order by Friday, July 1st, pick up by 3:00 on July 4th.


Why We’re Sponsoring a Bike Ride

If you know anyone at Egg, chances are you know a passionate runner or cyclist or basketball player or hiker.

Being physically active is part of life in the restaurant business—it’s a job requirement, literally, but restaurant work is also the kind of work that tends to attract people who are up for significant physical challenges. We fielded a 4 person marathon team in this fall’s NYC marathon; we had 3 runners in the Brooklyn Half this spring. One of our long-time servers is now a writer for Runners World; another just took a couple of weeks off to cycle alone from Brooklyn to Quebec and back. (more…)

Change is Brewing: New Coffee Program at Egg!

pouring over changes
We love you, French press, but you’re dripping all over our breakfast… :-(

For 11 years, we’ve served coffee in exactly one way: the French press. We like the press because it’s simple, it makes good coffee, and it lets everyone who orders have some control over how strong her coffee is. Like it light? Plunge early. Prefer to be shot out of your seat by the strength of your morning brew? Let it steep!

But lately, as you may have noticed, our trusty French presses have changed–and they’re getting us down. They’ve been cracking the minute we pour hot water into them, making them leaky at best (see above!) and useless at worst. (more…)